Collaboration between Huawei and Igor Sikorsky KPI continues: students will confirm

The cooperation between the official representative office in Ukraine of one of the world’s largest telecommunication companies “Huawei” and the leading technical university of Ukraine – Igor Sikorsky KPI continues, and is gaining momentum.
This year “Huawei Ukraine” has provided scholarships for students of Kyiv Polytechnic, who had excellent results in their studies. The award ceremony took place on October 3, 2017. It is already the second event of this kind  in the history of our cooperation and we believe that it is not the last.
We recall that students receive such material encouragement in the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between “Huawei” and Igor Sikorsky KPI in September 2016, and also in accordance with the Agreement of December 9, 2016.
Among the students who were rewarded for their diligence in training, this year were Natalia Gvozdetska (ITS), Volodymyr Prokopets (ITS), Anastasia Gerus (RTF), Volodymyr Dumansky (RTF), Diana Losinets (TEF), Tetyana Rozum (TEF) , Yuriy Iotov (FEL), Daria Lyashko (FEL), Tetyana Plesha (FEL), Anton Salenko (FPM), Pavlo Sergienko (FPM), Victoria Medvedenko (IPT), and Elizabeth Tereshchenko (IPT).
In addition, it should be noted that Natalia Gvozdetska had been able to get the highest reward from the company for the second year in a row. Moreover, Natalia has undergone training in Huawei Ukraine in the summer of 2017 and today is a real pretender to participate in the next “Seeds for the Future” program that allows students to undergo several weeks of study in China.
Congratulations to the honors and thanks to Huawei Ukraine for providing opportunities and encouragement for talented youth.

You can see a brief story about the event by clicking the link.