Faculty trains experts in various areas of theoretical and applied chemistry, who are capable to carry out research in the laboratory or large-capacity synthesis of new organic and inorganic compounds for various purposes – inhibitors of corrosion to the materials of electronics and space technology, to develop and design the modern eco-friendly chemical technology, production of chemicals, coagulants, ceramic, silicate, silicone, elastomer, plastic and many other materials, metals and coatings.

Graduates work in the chemical divisions of the National Academy of Sciences, industrial research institutes, companies of chemical and related profile, government institutions, chemical and allied industries, sanitary and epidemiological service, institutions of environmental inspection and monitoring, scientific and technical divisions of public law enforcement agencies, stations of drinking water and wastewater treatment

Contact information
Faculty Dean: Prof., Dr. of Technics, Igor Astrelin.
Address: 37, Prospect Peremohy, Ed. building 3, Room 226, Kyiv, 03056, Ukraine
Phone: +380 44 236 97 74 
e-mail: xtf@ntu-kpі.kіev.ua
Official website: http://xtf.kpi.ua

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