India looking to recruit more African students

Indian universities are aiming to attract more students from Africa with the promise of affordable fees and educational standards comparable to those in Europe and the US, representatives attending the Indian Education Expo 2018 have said.

It is the second time the Expo has been held at the Association of African Universities in the Ghanaian capital Accra, and was attended by over 100 Indian universities.

Students were introduced to over 200 courses, accommodation options and scholarship opportunities that are available to those who wish to study in India.

“India has a large number of international students coming from all parts of the world to pursue their desired careers in Indian institutions,” organisers said. “India also makes the efforts to help foreign nationals feel at home and help them to integrate with the rest of the students’ community.”

The organisers added that approximately 1.4 million students are enrolled in Indian secondary and higher secondary education through open and distance learning.

At the higher education level, Indira Gandhi National Open University co-ordinates distance learning and has a cumulative enrolment of about 1.5 million, serviced through 53 regional centres and 1.400 study centres with 25,000 councils.