Инициатива Совершенства“Initiative for perfection” is a national innovation program that aims to support advanced investigations and to improve the quality of German universities and research institutes. This way Germany becomes more attractive as an internationally recognized center of science and education.

The Program was officially approved in 2005. The responsibility for its administration was laid on an independent organization German Research Fund (DFG), which was founded in 1951. Today it is a central organization of government science in Germany. According to the Statute of the Fund, it is engaged in distribution of funds received from the state and individuals to support the interests of German science. Except for DFG, the Program is cared by German Council on natural sciences and humanities as a leading advisory body of the country in the field of science policy (Wissenschaftsrat).

Since its beginning “Initiative for perfection” has been inspiring not only universities, which get grant funds, but the entire German higher education sector. In addition to promoting advanced investigations, the Program supports the development of new rules and structures in the research field of the country, such as the development of transparent employment agreements with researchers and objective evaluation of their activities, research projects involving research teams of new innovative format, along with traditional professors groups.

The Higher school program plays an important role in development of internationally competitive research centers in Germany as it positions itself as an effective tool for the promotion of scientific career of young researchers. Every high school is created in a wide scientific area, is engaged into dealing with new knowledge development on the innovation basis has a structured educational programme and is headed by the leading scientists. On the 2nd level of “Initiative for perfection” (2012-2017) it is planned that every high school will receive funding from 1.2 to 1.8 million euros per year within five years’ period. Currently, the “Initiative” supports 45 schools.

The program is of a great help in developing of strategic research collaborations involving outstanding global partners. That contributes to strengthening of the competitiveness of the country in the world.

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