Internship in China: first-hand impression

Student of the Educational-Scientific Institute of Telecommunication systems of the Igor Sikorsky KPI Natalia Gvozdetska in the international delegation participated in the internship organized by Huawei under the program “Seeds for the Future”. We offer readers her impressions of the trip.

From October 21 to November 4, 2017, I participated in abroad internship that was organized by Huawei according to the “Seeds for the Futur” program. Within the framework of the program, the 10 best students from 9 universities of Ukraine have visited China, having received unforgettable impressions, having become acquainted with the oldest culture of the world and the most modern technologies of our time.

The program lasted 2 weeks. During the first week, a group of our students visited Beijing, conquered the Great Wall of China, and tried to study Chinese language, painting, and calligraphy at Beijing Language and Culture University:

The second week of the trip we have been to Shenzhen. It is a new high-tech city that literally grew out of an ordinary fishing village for 20 years.

In Shenzhen, students were given the opportunity to attend lecture courses from leading Huawei specialists, including topics such as: “History of Telecommunication Networks Development”, “Fundamentals of the Functioning of Mobile Communications Systems”, “Fundamentals of Fixed Telephony Functioning”, “Economic Component of Telecommunication Organization Systems “,” Technologies of the 5th generation of mobile communication. Cloud technology. “

In addition to the lectures, we have got a great opportunity to work with Information and Communication Technologies in the realities. Each student tried to set up a 4-generation cellular base station (eNodeB), test its work, independently identify and correct configuration errors. So now Ukraine is ready for implementation of 4G: our students will be able to help with the deployment of equipment!
We also managed to visit the Huawei Exhibition Center, where the latest developments in Smart City, Internet of Things, Cloud Technologies are presented.

Together with the Ukrainian group, students from the Philippines and Congo participated in the program. Due to this, all of us have got a unique opportunity to communicate and feel the culture of not only China but also other distant lands of the world.

The whole amount of positive impressions of the trip is difficult to convey in words! Having received invaluable experience and positive feedback, each of us, the participants of the Seeds for the Future 2017 program, returned to Ukraine with the readiness to introduce in the Motherland the mastered technology.