Internship Program on Navigation Technology for Chinese specialists successfully complete

On September 24, 2019, the participants of the internship program from Hunan Aerospace Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Equipment and Special Materials, part of the People’s Republic of China’s Hunan Aerospace Corporation, were awarded by Igor Sikorsky KPI certificates.

Andrii Shysholin – the Head of the Foreign Economic Activity Office as coordinator of cooperation programs with partners from the PRCat the Igor Sikorsky KPI and Oleksandr Zbrucky – the Head of the Department of Aircraft Control Systems,  presented certificates to Chinese specialists for their internship at the Igor Sikorsky KPI.

The program participants were trained in navigation systems. Navigation technologies are one of the most advanced areas in Ukraine and our university and continue to develop steadily. The best specialists were invited to teach the lectures, which made it possible to state with confidence that the students received good knowledge which will be useful in their further professional activity.

The participants welcomed the graduates, wished them success and expressed their hope for continued fruitful cooperation in the field of development of navigation technologies at the international level.