MBA, mini-MBA and the ranking of foreign MBA programs

Программы-MBAMaster of Business Administration, or MBA is the most popular program in preparation for occupying the top positions  of the management of business (both within the country and at the international level). Programs do not provide standardization, so training period can vary from several months to several years. It depends on the  knowledge’s depth of the subject and the  course’s richness, as well as the ranking of business schools. The graduates, trained under the program of Master of Business Administration, are able to manage the business in a variety of business areas. MBA degree is awarded after successfully passing the relevant examinations and student assignment of qualification “Master of Business Administration» (Master of Business Administration). The existence of such a diploma, that confirms the status of the competent business professional, gives specialist the right to take a leadership position in the middle and senior management.

If to talk about mini-MBA, which is increasingly popular now, the term is used by both commercial and non-profit institutions for program, that gives the basics of business and lasts usually less than 100 hours. According to the words of the dean of the School of Business KIBIT Elena Yakovleva, their mini-MBA program lasts 9 months and the cost is 34 100 USD. “If the standard MBA program is presented as a three-dimensional object, a mini-MBA – this is a two-dimensional figure. If the MBA – a cube, the mini-MBA – this square “- leads Yelena Yakovleva. Mini-MBA Program is in demand by employees of companies that take business-related positions and want to expand their powers without a major cash outlay, as well as among owners of small and medium-sized businesses.

The Stanford Graduate School of Business heads the Ranking of business schools in the United States once again. At Forbes was found, that five years after the end of business school graduates in 2010 tripled his salary to $ 255,000 per year.

Harvard Business School is ranked second in the ranking of the United States, displacing the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, which moved this year on the sixth place. Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, Columbia Business School and Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business are in the third, fourth and fifth places respectively.

Wharton School lost three positions and finished seventh in this year, while UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business climbed six places to become number eight.

INSEAD took the first place in the annual ranking of international MBA program, thanks to strong growth in salaries of graduates. Graduates of 2010 for 5 years, received an additional $ 171,200 (including training costs), and it took 2.4 years to recoup their investment in business education.

The Swiss IMD Business School, UK Cambridge Judge Business School, SDA Bocconi Italian and Spanish IE Business School follows after INSEAD .

Rating two-year MBA program is headed by Foreign London Business School. The five-year gains for the LBS is the highest among all the two-year MBA programs in the world and pushes parameters Stanford and INSEAD, says Forbes. Spanish IESE Business School is the second in the ranking, followed by the French HEC Paris, Chinese CEIBS, and HKUST in Hong Kong.

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