Staff Training Week for the Erasmus+ Programme Countries

2019 May 27-31 for the first time on basis of Igor Sikorsky KPI there was International Staff Training Week for the Erasmus+ Programme Countries. University hosted 15 participants from Norway, Italy, Germany, Poland, France, UK, Czech Republic, Turkey and Luxembourg!

During five days we exchanged the best practices on project management, cooperation and partnerships on Erasmus+ ICM (KA1). Administrative staff, scientific and pedagogical staff exchanged professional experience, students got new knowledge and experience.

The participants of the week got acquainted with the organization and provision of educational services, the specifics of the educational process organization in institutions of higher education, opportunities for career perspectives, there was an expansion of professional and personal ties. This is an interesting and useful experience. We are very grateful to the partners of our university for the time allowed. As a result, the university is already waiting for new guests in June. 

Photo by the department of academic mobility of students of Igor Sikorsky KPI.