Though bosom friends miles apart, no distance if sharing a heart

The COVID-19 pandemic has now become a global disaster, but the first who have suffered from it were the Chinese people. But thanks to unprecedented measures imposed by the Chinese government, as well as with the help of the world community, Chinese friends have made significant progress in curbing the coronavirus.

And now they, in turn, are helping many countries in the fight against this brutal pandemic. Donation is provided under the slogan in the title of this article: “Though bosom friends miles apart, no distance if sharing a heart.”

Our colleagues, friends, and partners from Ningbo University, which is located in the northeast of China, in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, could not afford to stand back. They have sent 1,000 protective civil masks to the Igor Sikorsky KPI, which were handed over to the campus administration and Center for International Education.

We would like to express special thanks to Mr. Shen Manhong, President of Ningbo University.

On May 21, 2019, during a visit by Chinese colleagues led by President Shen Manhong, Ningbo University and Igor Sikorsky KPI signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which sets out the main areas of cooperation. And although in today’s circumstances the work is carried out remotely, cooperation does not stop – we are planning activities in the field of dual education in the field of mechanics, discussing joint postdoctoral projects.

Having such good friends, we are confident that together we will be able to achieve significant success in educational and scientific cooperation.