WES plots digital revolution of ‘badges’

World Education Services has issued a new set of ‘digital badges’ to a select group of clients in a move the global company will revolutionise the way qualifications are recognised around the world.

WES advocates for worldwide qualification recognition in the US and Canada, and along with Credly, is revealing a new blockchain-led technology to confirm and share the accreditation digitally.

The new product will utilise the same technology that’s behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, which secures networks and personal information.

The decentralised nature of blockchains means no user’s information is held solely in one place, and no changes can be made to a system (or ‘chain’) unless the same change is made to each ‘block’ of the network.

The badges will be displayable on social media platforms, including professional networks like LinkedIn. This will allow the holders to provide ‘one-click verification’ for employers and institutions.