International Scientific Events: Bulgaria-2017

Dear colleagues,

If you want to participate in international scientific forums, we offer you a list of conferences that will be held in Bulgaria in 2017. All the events are organized by Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Union of Scientists in Bulgaria, Science & Education Foundation and partners.:

Agriculture & Food, 5th International Conference (20-24 Jun)

Ecology & Safety, 26th International Conference (23-27 Jun)

Materials, Methods & Technologies, 19th International Conference (26-30 Jun)

Economy & Business, 16th International Conference (1-5 Sep)

Education, Research & Development, 8th International Conference (4-8 Sep)

Language, Individual & Society, 11th International Conference (7-11 Sep)

Annually these events connect scientists and researchers from OVER 60 COUNTRIES. The papers presented will be PUBLISHED IN OPEN-ACCESS JOURNALS, part of International Scientific Publications Certificate of publication and presentation will be provided.