National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute is the largest Ukrainian university and one of the mendeleevlargest technical universities in Europe. University has been working and developing since 1898 as a campus, where in one area of 160 hectares there organically integrated environment for learning, recreation, sports, and personal hobbies of all 25,000th existence. Igor Sikorsky KPI has prepared more than 380 thousand of engineers.

The University consists of 16 educational faculties, 11 educational and scientific institutes, more than 15 research institutes and other scientific departments (design bureaus, engineering centers, etc.). There are 10 academicians and corresponding members of the National Academy and branch academies of sciences of Ukraine, more than 2.5 thousand professors, associate professors and teachers, more than 22 thousand students and graduate students, including foreign citizens from more than 40 countries of the world.

STATUS: The University is a national autonomous state higher educational institution of research type, accredited with the status of higher educational institution of the IV level, and has the right to carry out educational activities aimed at training bachelors, masters, doctors of philosophy (Ph.D.) and doctors of Sciences.

INTERNAL RESOURCES. The university has a preparatory department, where foreign students study subjects to the extent necessary for the further mastering of the university program. The University has its own publishing and printing complex “Polytechnic”. Among the teachers of Igor Sikorsky KPI, there are more than 500 professors, 1,300 associate professors. Classrooms and laboratories are equipped with modern facilities, the latest learning technologies with the use of computer networks are implemented. All this allows us to provide the quality of education, which level corresponds to the standards of the best universities abroad.

:  Igor Sikorsky KPI actively participates in international educational, scientific projects and programs, successfully cooperates with 47 countries, has 32 joint structures both with the international organizations (EU, UNDP, UNESCO, UNIDO, WIPO, NATO, EDNES, ICSU, CODATA, KOICA, JICA, IAU, EUA, IEEE, EUA, BSUN, ESU) and with the well-known companies (IBM, HUAWEI, MICROSOFT, SAMSUNG, CISCO, SIEMENS, INTEL, PANASONIC, HEWLETT PACKARD, FESTO, DELCAM, RIGAKU, etc.). The University was also the initiator of the creation of “Center of Supercomputer Calculations and Data” in Ukraine.

OBJECTIVES: Today, the main objectives of Igor Sikorsky KPI is training of highly qualified specialists and to do
research for “breakthrough” in such Ukraine’s economic development priorities:

  • Modern technology in the field of computer science, mechanical engineering, chemistry and materials science;
  • Information networks and information communication technologies;
  • The problem of energy saving and the development of energy-saving technologies;
  • Monitoring and protection of the environment;
  • Elimination of the consequences of nuclear and man-made disasters;
  • Space and aviation technologies;
  • The exploration and use of human resources;
  • Medical Engineering;
  • Systems analysis and decision making.

 TERMS OF TRAINING: Bachelor’s course – 4 years, Master’s course (education-proffesional program) –1.5 year, Master’s course (education-scientific program) – 2 years, Ph.D. – 4 years.

Information Package of Igor Sikorsky KPI

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