Globalization and internationalization processes necessitate self-determination of universities, finding their own niche in the global educational space, the appropriate adjustment of activities as a subject of the international market. Herewith, the university operation in terms of import and export operations is a subject to the same principles and laws, mechanisms for foreign economic activity as at any business company.

At the same time, the specifics of the university’s so called “product”, as well as the significant social role of the university determine the relevance of foreign economic activity transformation in the context of the university functioning. It is of great importance to adapt the business approach to the educational realities and needs of society, world standards with the final formation of the FEA optimal model, which would not only receive additional funds to maintain the university, but also concentrate them to promote internationalization. The declared problem acquires special urgency for technical universities taking into account their role in formation and development of innovative economy and maintenance of social and economic growth of separate states and regions. The tasks of setting up an international knowledge transfer, export and import of educational services and technology transfer, commercialization of education and science are the priority tasks of the Foreign Economic Activity Office.

Foreign economic activity can be considered as a resource for the internationalization of the University

The purpose of the University’s foreign economic activity is to ensure the economic aspect of the university’s internationalization.

Key tasks:

  • expansion of export-import of educational services;
  • expansion of export-import of scientific and technical services;
  • increasing the efficiency of intra-university organization and management of the foreign economic activity.

Directions of foreign economic activity:

  • export-import of educational services at all levels – from pre-university training to doctoral programs and specific educational courses;
  • export-import of scientific and technical services;
  • creation and further support of joint structures abroad;
  • information and marketing activities of the university, participation in international events;
  • audit of internal indicators related to foreign economic activity;
  • general coordination of foreign economic activity;
  • regulatory and methodological support for the implementation of foreign economic activity.

The mechanism for the implementation of foreign economic activity is formed by the following group of measures:

  • measures to expand the export of educational services;
  • measures to expand the export of scientific and technical services;
  • information and marketing activities;
  • regulatory and technical measures;
  • organizational arrangements.