Cooperation with partners from China

The history of cooperation between Igor Sikorsky KPI and his Chinese partners extends back several decades and demonstrates significant achievements. Our university has several joint projects, both educational and scientific – centers, laboratories, joint curricula, patents, research, and more.

At the same time, there are prospects for the development of partnership given the rate of introduction of new knowledge and technologies both in Ukraine and in China. Therefore, one of the key tasks of the Foreign Economic Activity Office is to support and develop cooperation between Igor Sikorsky KPI and leading academic institutions, companies, governments of China.

Igor Sikorsky KPI is considering proposals to create joint structures with several world-renowned universities and world technology and business leaders from China – innovation funds, joint laboratories, and business incubators. Several promising projects are implemented at the state level. Cooperation with the State Scholarship Council of the People’s Republic of China, the Confucius Institute, the Union for International Cooperation with the CIS countries, the Academies of Sciences of some provinces, and municipalities continues.

Today, the university develops retraining programs for specialists from Chinese companies, trains specialists in joint educational programs together with higher education institutions in China, conducts joint research, in particular, in space with the assistance of the China National Space Administration and the State Space Agency of Ukraine. Cooperation on research and new developments in the field of materials science and welding is important – Memoranda of Understanding has already been signed to carry out research work with several companies. There are agreements on the exchange of teachers, graduate students, and students and on conducting joint research.

The issue of the use of intellectual property based on the results of joint educational, scientific, and innovative activities is regulated by the national legislation of both countries and based on bilateral agreements between the participants of joint projects.

The most active Chinese partners:

Harbin Institute of Technology

Wuhan University of Science and Technology

Chongqing University

Jilin Polytechnic University

Xian Polytechnic University

Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology

Tianjin University

Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Shenyang Aerospace University

Liaoning University

Civil Aviation University of China

Beijing University of Technology

Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology

Zhejiang University

Jiamusi University

Huizhou University

Shandong Academy of Sciences

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd

Central China Normal University

Guangzhou Industrial Technology Research Institute Chinese Academy of Sciences

Chinese Academy of Science

Guangzhou Railway Polytechnic

Zhejiang Normal University

Huaiyin Normal University

Zhejiang University of Technology

China Jiliang University

Quanzhou Institute of Information Engineering

Weihai Vocational College

Shenzhen Technology University

North University of China

Southeast University

Tianyuan University in Tianjin

Ningbo University

Nanchang University

Shandong University of Science and Technology

Dalian Maritime University

Northwestern Polytechnical University

Guangdong Science and Research Institute of Industry Technology

Dalian Institute of Measurement and Control Technology

Institute of Oceanographic Instrumentation

Shaoguan University

Huzhou University

International Research Laboratory of Optoelectronics & Information Technology of Zhejiang Province

Tunghai University

Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau

Northeastern University

Chengdu University

Polytechnic Institute of Sanya University

Shanghai University

Liaoning Shihua University

Xinjiang University

Sichuan University

Xian Jiaotong University

Chongqing University of Post and Telecommunications