Cooperation with partners from Korea

The history of Igor Sikorsky KPI cooperation and its Korean partners have been developing for several decades, and as a result, significant achievements are demonstrated. At our university, there are several joint projects, both educational and scientific – centers, laboratories, joint curricula, several research projects, etc.

At the same time, there are prospects for the development of the partnership since the introduction of new knowledge and technologies in both Ukraine and Korea is extremely rapid. Therefore, one of the priorities of the Foreign Economic Activity Office is to support and develop cooperation between units of Igor Sikorsky KPI and leading universities and research organizations as well as innovative enterprises of the Republic of Korea.

Some of the key partners of the university, which we have been cooperating with for decades, are KIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology) and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

Igor Sikorsky KPI has been actively cooperating with Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. for more than 10 years. Over the years, the company has established two laboratories, equipped a smart training class, and involved in cooperation wiyh five faculties. More than 150 students have completed internships at Samsung R&D Institute Ukraine, and a significant percentage of university teachers are certified specialists of the company.

Today the university develops academic exchange with the Republic of Korea, implements joint educational programs, including double degree programs, and pays great attention to R&D activities with Korean partners.

The Korean Education Center has become an important partner of the university during these years of cooperation. It provides comprehensive support in the development of large-scale cooperation with Korean partners in the field of education and science and is a leader in establishing partnerships between the two countries in general.

Partners from the Republic of Korea