Dear friends, colleagues, partners and all the Ukrainian citizens!

Let us sincerely congratulate you on the most important day in the life of the country and its people – on the Independence Day!

August, 24 is really a significant date in the history of the state when a lot of things have been changed including thoughts, views, ideals and values. Only hopes, dreams and aspirations for peace, prosperity and harmony have remained eternal.

So what would be the best wish to our home country today? Let’s wish it to be strong, to have plenty of energy and wisdom. May its dreams always come true. May the newest Ukrainian state peacefully blossom and prosper!

We wish everyone of us new outstanding achievements and accomplishments for the good of the Motherland! And the last but not least, do not forget to be happy, because we are the human potential of Ukraine – every day we create its bright and successful future!

Happy Independence Day to Ukraine!


Team of the Foreign Economic Activity Office