Features release Ukrainian higher education institutions in the international education market

Familiarize themselves with analytical articles Spivakovsky TV and Hnativskoyi DP

This article explores the reasons choice of foreign students of higher educational institutions of Ukraine and analyzed the possibility of Ukrainian higher education institutions in the international education market. Based on this analysis provide recommendations for improvement of the international marketing of Ukrainian universities.

With each year the number of Ukrainian graduates of secondary schools is reduced. According to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in 2011 is expected 235 thousand. School graduates, while in 2009 there were 384 thousand. In 2001 the concept was adopted, which provided for the 12 year-old education system. It will lead in 2012 to a lack of graduates of Ukrainian schools that will be strong enough blow to universities. Thus, in 2012 there will be no graduate school, then in 2013 assumed the largest number of graduates – 427 thousand [1]. Therefore, higher education institutions should seek to advance out of the situation that is expected in 2012. One way may be of marketing activities to attract foreign students in Ukraine. Development and application of a comprehensive marketing strategy to attract foreign students in Ukrainian universities will help neutralize the sharp fluctuations in the number of students and all the negative consequences of such changes.

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