On February 27, 2015 the meeting concerning foreign economic activities of the university was held. In this meeting took part: the Vice-Rector for the pedagogic work (foreign relations) Doctor S.I. Sydorenko the Vice-Recor for the educational research Doctor of Engineering, professor P.О. Kirichok, the Director of the institute of the mechanical engineering Doctor of Engineering, Professor M.І. Bobur, the Dean of the faculty of the electric power engineering and automation, Professor, Doctor of engineering O.S. Iandylskyi, the Dean of the electricity faculty, Doctor of Engineering, Professor V.I. Gyikov, the Dean of the Chemical and Technical Department, Doctor of Engineering, Professor І.М. Astrelin, Director of Publishing and Printing Institute Associate Professor, Doctor of Engineering T.Y. Kuruchok, the Head of foreign activity department A.P. Shisholin, the Legal Adviser of NTU “KPI”, the Deputy Head of foreign activity department K.V. Yudkova and others.

The Moderator of the meeting the Vice-Rector for International Relations S.I. Sidorenko told about the strategy of international activities of NTU; for the period of 2012-2020 years and presented a newly appointed Head of the foreign activity department – A.P. Shysholin and K.V. Yudkova.

The main topic of the meeting was to present questions relating to the areas of foreign trade activities of NTU “KPI” as the scope of economic activities related to international industrial, educational, scientific and technical cooperation, exports and imports of goods and services, as also transfer of the technologies, spreading of the international scientific and technical cooperation in this field.

The coordination of foreign economic activities of NTUU “KPI” is made by the Department of International Cooperation.

During the meeting, the Vice-principal  for International Relations S.I. Sidorenko and the Head of foreign activity department stressed that international education is one of the fastest growing export sectors.

According to the expectations the specialist  UNESCO, the education of the foreigners can be one of the most profitable type of export of the XXIst century. The export of education will be one of the most profitable fields of the Economics both financially and strategically.

Following the examples of the world leading universities, KPI must both import and export the educational services. It is absolutely necessary to increase in 2-3 time the number of the foreign students meantime keeping the high level of the requirements to their knowledge, to create the network of joint institutions with the partners abroad (control points, points for the acceptance for education at KPI, educational and scientific centers, etc.). The import of the educational services is also very important for the development of the university first of all through the attraction of the foreign professors to work at KPI, through the strengthening of internationalization of the educational process. This will also promote the creation of the positive image of the university in the international education and scientific space.

The key moment of the Meeting is the presentation of the Head of foreign activity department Andrii Pavlovych Shysholin. He got acquainted the audience with the aim and the main goals of the department in details.

The elements of work of the foreign activity department nowadays is the education activity, scientific researches, administrative and economic activities.

The goals of the department are the customs support, transfer of the educational services, creation of the joint international institutions, attraction of the foreign investments, participation in the international projects, programs, provision of services in the field of education, charity projects, humanitarian assistance, projects on international technical support, analytical and information support.

In his presentation Mr. A.P. Shysholin presented the plan for the execution of the strategy for the development of the foreign activity of the university for the period of 2012-2020 years:

implementation of the Master’s international educational programs, international lectures in English; creation of joint Ukrainian and foreign departments, faculties;

creation of joint Ukrainian and foreign institutions;

attraction of assets from the international activity for the development of the university – in order to obtain 5-7% out of the total budget of the university;

provision of the increase of the number of the foreigners (students, post-graduates, post-doctoral students) – 3-5% out of the total number at NTUU

Regarding the legal issues and the information and analytical support of the KPI activity in the sphere of foreign activity spoke Ksenia Volodymyrivna Yudkova – the lawyer of NTUU “KPI”, Deputy Head of foreign economic  activity department.

Such meetings are strategic and perspective for the further development of international activity with the departments and institutes of the University.