The constant battle for Horizon 2020

The European programme Horizon 2020 has yet been a successful one and much-promising programme. Unfortunately, its level is in the risk of decreasing now because of the unstable economic situation of the countries. “The new programme has been under constant attack and it has taken the research community’s relentless efforts to preserve this unique instrument”, – The University World News informs.

The EUA has monitored trends in public funding to the sector since 2008 and has reported alarming trends, with many countries not reinvesting anywhere near enough in higher education and research after severe cut-backs. Also worrying for future prospects is the recent tendency to withdraw funds from the sector in countries that traditionally fared well in European comparisons, such as Denmark or Finland.

To maintain their research activities, cash-strapped universities look towards European funding to mitigate some of the impact of lower national public funding.

Today, the battle is once more a very concrete one. The EU’s Council and Parliament are negotiating next year’s budget and Horizon 2020 is – yet again – a bone of contention.

The EUA reacted strongly on the risky situation of Horizon 2020 and supported the European Parliament in its efforts to protect the programme throughout the decision-making process. Just before the summer break, the package was adopted with lesser cuts to Horizon 2020 resources.

Here once again the EUA has expressed its position on and support for Horizon 2020 to the European Parliament on this matter, and called on it to work towards a solution that preserves an instrument that is vital for Europe’s future. Research is at the root of many of the goals that the European Union has set for itself; committing proper funding to it is the next logical step.

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