Uni portal aims to be “TripAdvisor” with job focus

A new university search site, UniAdvisor, has been launched by the entrepreneur aimed at internationally educated graduates, CTurtle.

Shane Dillon, CEO of Hong Kong-based CTurtle, told The PIE News he hopes that UniAdvisor will become “the TripAdvisor for international education”.

“Our plan is to be the market leader in terms of future student inquiries about study abroad options,” he stated.

“We saw a huge gap in the market for students to get accurate and trusted information on what to expect in terms of access to employment, issues around safety, quality of teachers and graduate and alumni income,” said Dillon.

The site has launched this month and lists each institution (327 listed so far) by university, country and employment satisfaction.

Using peer feedback and referral as a means to help students choose where to study is a tool used by a few new digital innovators (although not search sites), but UniAdvisor seems to be different in that it also focuses on employability outcomes as a data differentiator too.

The research data which consists of responses from over 17,000 students is still in the process of being verified by a research partner and added to the site, according to Dillon.