Joint educational projects

The joint educational project is the main form of co-operation with the foreign partners, that is implemented as a franchise with the transfer of rights to partner for distribution the educational services of the university.

Project partners of the Igor Sikorsky KPI can be:

  • foreign countries,
  • universities or educational institutions,
  • foreign companies,
  • international organizations.

Additionally, it is possible involvement of Ukrainian universities-partners in the implementation of joint educational projects.

Forms of joint educational projects:


a joint project of provision of preparatory training services in the country of the student residence with the utse of partner’s resources and infrastructure followed by the  issuing the relevant certificate


a joint project of provision education services of the expert training in the selected field with the use of partner’s resources and infrastructure or  on the base of the Igor Sikorsky KPI followed by issuing the relevant certificate


a joint project of the development, adaptation, and implementation of educational programs of qualifying level “bachelor” or “master” with foreign universities according to programs of joint and double degrees


a joint project of the proceedings of a separate educational program for pre-agreed specialty implemented in the network form involving university partner and the partner company with providing specialists by practical skills, that adapted to the specific production conditions of companies in the project implementation country


the joint project focused on combining the educational and research capacity of the Igor Sikorsky KPI and universities/companies participating in the project for cooperation and solutions relevant scientific and production problems in the form of academic mobility of scientists of the Igor Sikorsky KPI


Portfolio of the joint educational projects of the Igor Sikorsky KPI

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