Canada announces Student Direct Stream for four Asian countries

Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has launched a Student Direct Stream (SDS) to make processing times faster for students from China, India, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Students from those countries who can satisfy a series of criteria encompassing language skills and financial resources will benefit from faster processing times.

Language requirements are stricter than for regular study permits. In addition to this, students will need to submit proof of tuition payment for the first year of study in a designated learning institution in Canada, purchase of a Guaranteed Investment Certificate – a deposit in a bank account in Canada – and of a medical examination.

The SDS complements the Express Entry system, IRCC explained in a statement, and these students will be “well placed” to proceed on to permanent residence and Canadian citizenship after they finish their studies.

“Canada’s universities welcome the announced improvements to the visa application process for eligible students from China, India, Vietnam and the Philippines,” Universities Canada CEO Paul Davidson told.