History of cooperation the Igor Sikorsky KPI with Chinese partners have been around for several decades, and demonstrates significant achievements.  There are several joint projects at our university, both educational and scientific – centers, laboratories, joint programs, patents, research, and more.

At the same time, we have prospects for the development of partnership given the rapidity of introduction the new knowledge and technologies both in Ukraine and in China. Therefore, one of the key tasks of the Foreign Economic Activity Office is to support and develop cooperation between subdivisions of the Igor Sikorsky KPI and leading academic institutions, companies, and governments of China.

Igor Sikorsky KPI considers proposals to create joint structures with several world-renowned universities and world technology and business leaders from China.  Today, the university promotes professional development programs for specialists from Chinese companies, trains specialists according to joint educational programs together with higher education institutions in China, and conducts joint research. Agreements related to the exchange of teachers, graduate students and students, and joint research are available for relevant specialties.

The issues of intellectual property based on the results of joint educational, scientific, and innovative activities, which are regulated by the national legislation of both countries, deserve special attention.

We actively maintain relations with the Embassy of China in Ukraine and the Embassy of Ukraine in China, which provide comprehensive support for large-scale joint activities and act as leaders in the path of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Cooperation of the Igor Sikorsky KPI with Chinese partners is implementing according to the Comprehensive Program for Cooperation of National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” with Educational, Scientific and Innovative Spheres of the People’s Republic of China at a New Stage”