EU universities dominate global HE Cooperation Index

In its eighth annual publication, U-Multirank showcases how universities that collaborate with their local ecosystem and across borders perform better than those that do not.

To analyse cooperation, U-Multirank developed a new ‘Cooperation Index’ taking into account seven aspects of cooperation: strategic partnerships, international joint degrees, internships, international co-publications, co-publications with industrial partners, regional co-publications and co-patents with industry.

By comparing data on almost 2,000 universities across a six-year span, U-Multirank shows that despite the global effects of COVID-19, external cooperation is still a major part of higher education.

A breakdown of these cooperation aspects by region reveals that universities located within the European Union show good performance in nearly every category of the Cooperation Index.

However, America dominated the indicator for overall research publications, taking 11 places compared with eight in Asia and five in Europe and one in Australia. And North America also took 18 top places for technology transfer in terms of discoveries and inventions made in academic institutions, with Asia taking six places and Europe only having one institution listed.

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