Hungary: high visa approval rate attracting Africans

While not traditionally a popular destination for African students, the Eastern European country of Hungary is gradually becoming a favourite study option for many, thanks mainly to the high success rate of study visa applications.

In some countries such as Kenya, the study visa success rate has been as high as 90% for both those on Hungarian government scholarships as well as for self-sponsored students.

Hungarian universities offer world-class education while charging affordable tuition fees and some of them such as the University of Pecs are among the oldest in Europe dating back to 1360.

This was especially so when compared to popular western Europe, North American and Australian destinations. This is besides offering degree programs in English coupled by affordable cost of living in the country.

The universities were charging as low €‎1,700 a year, while non-medical degrees were available at between €‎3,000-7,000 a year  for undergraduates explained.

According to international data portal Statista, about 34,800 international students were enrolled in Hungarian universities in academic year 2021-2022, an over 100% growth compared to 2009/10 academic year, when 14,300 were studying in the country.

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