LABOUR MARKET 2016: The most demanded specialists

proCareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. (EMSI) in the United States drew up a list of the hottest and most sought-after professions in 2016 on the basis of supply and demand (number of vacancies on the companies that placed each month exceeds the number of resumes from applicants), growth and data on salary writes Business Insider.

This analysis uses an extensive database of labor market EMSI, which includes more than 90 national and state resources in the field of employment.

“Many of these professions in technology and health care, and there are many jobs in areas such as marketing, sales and logistics. The presence of vacancies in different sectors underlines the need for companies to evaluate the scarcity of talent and act more strategically in how they cover their job. This means that it is necessary to carry out retraining current workers by offering higher wages to attract people to the required position or by analyzing the work of employees, identify talent with the right skills for a particular position, “- says CEO of CareerBuilder Matt Ferguson.

We present a list of professions that have the largest gap between the open vacancies and resume of competitors. Most of them require higher education.

Профессия Почасовой заработок
Web – developer 30,52 $
Accountant or auditor 31,70 $
Registered nurse 32,04 $
Speech therapist 34,40 $
System Administrator 36,44 $
Occupational 37,89 $
Production engineer / technologist 39,18 $
Physiotherapist 39,61 $
System analyst 39,76 $
Mechanical Engineer 39,93 $
Analyst Data Security 42.74 $
Manager health service 44.62 $
The software development applications 45,92 $
HR-specialists 49,41 $
Sales Manager 53,20 $
Financial Manager 55,44 $
Pharmacist 58,15 $
Marketing Manager 61,12 $
Manager of Information Systems 61,37 $