Most UK unis preparing for in-person teaching in 2020

The majority of UK universities are preparing to provide in-person teaching this upcoming academic year according to a survey, while several institutions are offering prospective postgraduate students options to begin their studies in January 2021 rather than in autumn 2020.

A survey carried out by Universities UK found that 97% of the 92 universities surveyed said they will provide in-person teaching at the start of term.

Some 78 universities (87%) will offer in-person social opportunities to students, including outside events and sporting activities, in line with government and public health guidance, the survey found.

“Universities across the UK are well advanced in their planning to welcome students this autumn and ensure they can benefit from a high-quality, full and exciting university experience,” Alistair Jarvis, chief executive of UUK said.

Student support services including mental health support, careers advice, and study skills will be delivered in a mixture of online and in-person, while five institutions said they would be available online.

Commenting on survey results, Claire Sosienski Smith, NUS vice president (Higher Education), pointed out that it is still unclear exactly how teaching and learning will work next year.

“Even if most universities intend to provide at least some in-person classes, will they be available for all subjects, and what proportion of learning will be online? Students need to know what they are signing up to; we want them to be able to make informed choices,” she said.

A number of institutions have also announced they will be offering additional postgraduate opportunities, having taken into consideration feedback from applicants. More: