An Agreement on Collaboration was signed between KPI and DUT

The National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” has signed the AGREEMENT ON ACADEMIC RESEARCH AND TALENT TRAINING COLLABORATION PROGRAM IN SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING with the Dalian University of Technology of the People’s Republic of China.

The document was signed by the Rector of Igor Sikorsky KPI Academician of NAS of Ukraine Mykhailo Zgurovsky and the President of Dalian Technological University Academician Dongming Guo.

The Agreement stipulates that the Parties will collaborate in the fields of Mechanics, Applied Physics, Applied Mathematics, and Mathematics, Optical Engineering in the following main areas: preparation of bachelors, masters, doctoral students; teaching; carrying out research work. This gives students, teachers, and scholars the prospect of working with their colleagues from a leading institution of higher education, sharing experience, and establishing professional relationships to further develop scientific and educational collaboration.

The signing of the Agreement was the result and an important step after the negotiations and collaboration of the China Scholarship Council, the leadership, and the international divisions of both the universities. Discussion, conclusion, and subsequent signing took place during the quarantine period. This led to the transition to teleworking but did not impede the development of active cooperation and the formation of further prospects for collaboration.

Founded in 1949, Dalian University of Technology is on the list of leading higher education institutions in the People’s Republic of China and aims to cultivate talent, promote the development of science and technology, inheriting a long-standing tradition and supporting innovative trends. DUT adheres to the spirit of “Unity and Progress, Truth and Innovation.” Our partner’s specialists train professionals and research in both the natural sciences and social and humanitarian fields. Igor Sikorsky KPI scientists of the collaboration areas already have several years of experience of fruitful cooperation with colleagues of Dalian Technological University. And the International Cooperation Department of Igor Sikorsky KPI, in conjunction with the Chinese partner’s International Office, continues to work actively on expanding directions and forms of collaboration.