International experience is a recruitment priority

An international experience is a recruitment priority globally and it is likely to positively impact employers’ satisfaction with the skills of their graduate hires, a new report by QS has shown.

Out of five recruitment priorities, international experience has the third-largest positive effect on employer satisfaction, especially in North America and the Asia Pacific.

Only a degree from a high-ranking university and participation in extra-curricular activities yield a higher satisfaction score.

QS CEO Nunzio Quacquarelli explained in the introduction to the report that the development of soft skills has become as important as the technical skills acquired during a degree.

“It is becoming more and more vital that universities also prepare graduates for the world of work. Opportunities for internships, study abroad, extra-curricular activity and active learning can all contribute to the development of these and other skills universities want,” he said.

One of the skills the employers surveyed report being satisfied with is the ability to speak another language.