KPI student research is published in NATURE

Igor Sikorsky KPI may be proud of its nurtured graduates who enhance their Alma Mater’s reputation as world-known scientists! We are excited that our students keep finding new opportunities to unlock the existing potential. We quite often do not have a clue what the modern youth might be ready for.

The headline to this news could be the phrase “The way the KPI beauties are conquering scientific peaks”. You are right, the talk is about Yarina Mamchur. Could you ever imagine this fragile girl is an active and diligent student of the Institute of Physics and Technology headed by Prof. Oleksii Novikov? Ms. Mamchur has managed to become an experienced scientist and a co-author of the article “Ultra-high Q-resonances in plasmonic metasurfaces” in the world-famous journal However, nobody knows how many plans for the future this educated mind is still concealing.

We would like to congratulate the lady on the publication of her research in the scientific journal Nature Communications. This is an international journal distributing interesting and valuable research in the public domain. The resource has existed since 2010 and has become a platform for demonstration leading scientific achievements from all over the world. Behind each scientific article, there is the painstaking work of the research team. Thus, a published article in a world-renowned journal is a great achievement for a scientist of any level, both a young graduate student and an experienced professor.

The article publication is a chance to convey research results to a certain audience to unfold a broad scientific discussion on a topic of concern to the research team. If there is no publication, there is no research result that can be verified and used in further research.

As far as Nature is a journal for a wide audience, it is read by scientists in a variety of disciplines, as well as simply interested in the latest scientific advances. Therefore, the editorial board has a responsible task to select only breakthrough research papers for publication. Thus, the authors are required to create an outstanding scientific and informational work demonstrating the depth and importance of their research and simultaneously being able to explain the scientific problem to an average specialist. The most important thing is to reveal the content of the scientific niche and show its novelty.

We are very proud that our student has reached such a high level in her research work. Observing the activities of our students and their successes, we are once again convinced of the talent of students of Igor Sikorsky KPI. In addition to experienced scholars and mentors, there is a very valuable resource for conducting scientific research at the university – a library. Its employees are always ready to help in carrying out the research and publishing its results