Poznan-style business-simulations

The close cooperation of the Igor Sikorsky KPI with different foreign structures and institutions opens up new opportunities for students, teachers, and university employees. It is extremely important that proposals for the cooperation of our partners find their application. It is especially pleasant when ICD representatives enthusiastically involve in various projects and are constantly improving their skills.

Nadiia Konovalova, an indefatigable and ambitious employee of the International cooperation department, did not miss an interesting chance and, together with a team of colleagues from the Departments of Management, International Economics, Economics and Entrepreneurship, joined the business simulation training program developed by “Revas Business Simulations Games”. The project was deployed among employees on the initiative of Irene Pavlyshyn. She is a lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering Management, Poznan University of Technology, and Ph.D. in engineering. As part of the training, participants during the game-simulation of business processes in the service provision market practiced analysis of market situations, adaptation to changes in market environment conditions, built strategies for the product flows formation, investigated consumer behavior, formed budgets and career development plans for company staff. In general, they tried themselves in the role of real business strategists.

Our congratulations to Mrs. Konovalova on receiving a certificate of attendance at the business-simulation training “Revas Business Simulations Games.” Once again, the open and countless opportunities realized in the framework of cooperation between Igor Sikorsky KPI and foreign universities and companies lead to a lot of benefits. We hope in the future our employees and not only will be sharing their small big achievements.