Visit of the company TianJin Sunke delegation

On December 9, 2019 the Igor Sikorsky KPI was visited by the General Manager of the company TianJin Sunke (People’s Republic of China), Mr. Yan Shan. The purpose of the meeting was the discussion of the opportunities for cooperation and possibilities for concluding the research agreement in the area of exploration and development the power sources for laser contact welding in electronic engineering.

The guests had been overview the State Polytechnic Museum of Ukraine at the Igor Sikorsky KPI and the exposition of the Aviation and Space Department of the State Polytechnic Museum.

After the study tour, negotiations with the university management were held. Participants of negotiatios from the Igor Sikorsky KPI were acting Yury Sydorenko – Acting director of the Research Department, Andrii Shysholin – Head of the Foreign Economic Activity Office, Anatolii Orlov – Prof., Department of Microelectronics of the Faculty of Electronics, and Alexander Bondarenko, – Associate Prof., Department of Industrial Electronics of the Faculty of Electronics.

The guests were introduced to the history and activity of the Igor Sikorsky KPI, they were also introduced to the developments of the Faculty of Electronics. After the presentations, the negotiators moved on to discuss and exchange suggestions on the possibility of starting a joint project on the development of power sources. Specifically, issues related to power supplies for laser contact welding in electronics were discussed.